Friday 12 January 2018

Edward Klein - Blood Feud - The Clintons vs The Obamas

I did this six hour audio book today. It's much healthier than checking out the the #QAnon shit, which even Jerome Corsi is peddling, confirming it has to be a psyop, as he's a servant of that creepy little Spartan state established in the Middle East by the Rothschilds.

It was good to revisit Ed Klein, the former NYT journalist's information. The Obamas and Clintons loathed each other on a level that a conspiracy analyst like myself has to integrate in some meaningful way. I have to remind myself it's self evident he doesn't know the connection to child sex trafficking in Haiti by the Clintons and that the Obama's must know this and their track record for murdering those that get in their way.

Obama's narcism was name checked again recently and I was reminded of this throughout the audiobook. That said I felt a sympathy for him that I haven't felt for some time. I was let down by so much of his weakness in achieving hope and change, that I'd forgotten that the job is pretty much impossible in any case, and that for better or worse he did achieve a sort of half hearted war mongering in Syria and Ukraine that kind of pissed everyone off including me but is actually a sign of semi even-handed leadership of something as Satanic as the Pentagon and the military industrial complex.

Ed Klein is good and has great insider connections for this story but once again we're confronted by a mediocre Jewish journalist elevated to a synthetically high level because of Zionist nepotism in the media. He name-checks every nuclear power in the world except the illegal one based in Tel Aviv and sounds about a thousand light years behind the times when he tars President Assad for killing his people, when it's well established that the UK, US and Israel created ISIS and genocided this beautiful significantly Christian country for a plethora of reasons including energy, Israeli hegemony and plain greed.

The silly fool doesn't even know that the chemical attacks in Syria were false flag initiatives.

The oldest trick in the book.