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In Plain Sight - The Life & Times of Jimmy Savile

In Plain Sight - The Life & Times of Jimmy Savile

It's easy to demonize Jimmy Savile even though the same people who claim to hate him are by and large ignorant and loudly silent on his full spectrum including the necrophilia, the Satanism, the little boys (as well as girls), his work for SIS (MI5 and MI6), his super tight relationship with the Royal Family and Margaret Thatcher, or even his homosexual relationship with child predator and mayor of Scarborough Peter Jaconelli

They're even buried in the same cemetery but nobody wants to connect the dots.

Jimmy Savile was a mirror of the super elite establishment's behaviour when evaluating how they conduct their lives. There's no boundaries for this milieu, and that applies to Lord Mountbatten as much as Edward VIII (though no children involved) and Prince Philip. The pattern is quite clear when researching this part of the 1%, though Saviles necrophilia seems to have been an exotic taste too far for even his peers.

The book, In Plain Sight by Dan Davies is disappointing. It does highlight that Savile really was a remarkable man who was a succesful bicycle racing competitor, wrestler, DJ, marathon runner and general psycho-sadist 'will-to-power' kind of guy. 

Unpleasant as he was there's no denying he lived 20 lives where most live half of one.

However, the book is limp-wristed is when it comes to basic human intelligence and curiosity about how he moved with ease through the highest circles in the land despite the usual national security checks? 

It's rape after rape after rape and then just a glancing mention of his best elite establishment mates who he would never have been in the same room with if it wasn't with the sanction, encouragement and approval of MI5, Special Branch and Scotland Yard/Metropolitan Police not to mention West Yorkshire Police with whom he had a weekly breakfast meeting group every Friday.

There are some curious points worth highlighting in the book.

Myra Hindley & Jimmy Savile

We now know through David McGahon's research the unsettling connections between the (deep) state and serial killers, I believe it's safe to conclude there's more to Savile and the Moors Murderers as described above. Couple this with Savile's very memorable visits to Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor and I feel strongly there's a lot more to these stories than that which has been outlined in the media and mainstream books on the subject.

I also feel there's much more to Nicky Campbell OBE, than he or Savile ever let on. I've been told this privately by a reasonably well known TV pundit who I believe is credible. I note that Nicky peddles the discredited establishment line on 9/11 and is richly rewarded by the same establishment that venerated Jimmy Savile with an Order of the British Empire. Almost the sine qua non of establishment paedophiles.

Savile OBE & Nicky Campbell OBE