Sunday 2 July 2017

Breaking: ISIS Is Down

ISIS uses the Roman Alphabet for abbreviation and so from this we knew the terrorist group is a British, US and Israeli "strategy of tension" intelligence creation. 

The Mossad Website has been down for about a week now (since I've been checking), so I thought I'd post a screen grab of the old site which openly flaunted its ISIS credentials. The video interview below is of two Israeli authors talking about how Mossad refers to itself as ISIS in communications. 

ISIS is also a the Egyptian Sister of the God Osiris which is an occult reference used by those in the know and not worth going into here. Most people have a very poor grasp of symbolism and mythology of the ruling elite despite it's ubiquitous presence in the statues and architecture in every continent on the planet.

Anyway ISIS is down and that's a good thing. I concur that as Kissinger leaked some years ago, Israel will not last as we know it. It seems at some point that Zionist Jews are going to be forced to learn that they have, are, and always will be willing dupes and patsies for whatever is in charge, until they learn to examine their own mythology creation such as the establishment of the State of Israel by the Rothschilds and the holocostly mythology with its banal chamber-gas that leaks everywhere but reality.

Choice is in their hands but I think I know a toxic and self destructing culture when I see it. The eternal victim complex is in my experience too attached to its story telling to saddle up and do the hard work.