Sunday, 2 April 2017

Kubrick Remembered - New Stanley Kubrick Documentary

This is the propaganda version of Kubrick. It opens with his wife Kristina making it as plain as possible that his heart attack 666 days before the first day of the year 2001 was normal. She says this wearing the biggest Monarch butterfly pendant while sitting in her garden. Only students of the entire subject will grasp this obvious symbolism.

She claims Stanley looked ill for days before the studio first edit viewing. Wouldn't you if you had just shot Eyes Wide Shut, a movie about Illuminati sexual sacrifice in a Rothschild owned building? I think Stanley gave the finger to Warner Brothers many times and he stepped over the line with his last film. There's no mention of his last script, AI in this documentary.

Regrettably my Kubrick posts have been hacked with scripts that redirect the reader. This is one example.