Monday 10 April 2017

Dr Phil & The Child Sex Slave Programming

Some of you alerted me to the Dr Phil show on the sex trafficked girl (Kendall) to the rich, powerful and famous, so I watched it.

It's so damaging to the work we do. 

Yes it's good that a higher profile is constantly being gained, but it's the wrong education. Dr Phil is an actor first not a medical practitioner. His job is to titillate low conscious viewers with virtue-signaling and superficial caring that lasts as long as the "show" goes on.

It's self evident the girl is a programmed multiple AKA a Beta Sex Slave - She's also a breeder. Just those subjects alone, not mentioned by Dr Phil, is why millions of clueless people will now know something terrible exists but still be largely ignorant of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In my experience when a corporate media presenter like Dr Phil is used to sensationalize or re-frame a very complex subject. They're a blackmailed paedophile or part of the network. 

They're in on it.