Saturday 7 January 2017

Bob Woodward - Media Paedophile #PizzaGate

I've been writing for some time in various channels that the most protected paedophile network is the media paedophile network. I've never cared for the official narrative about the Watergate Scandal on the basis that the MSM never peddles anything or is outraged big-time unless it's part of their owners agenda. 

I've also written back in 2012 that I knew that Bob Woodward was working for ONI during Watergate which was really just another coup d'etat to get Nixon out as he was pulling moves the NWO didn't like (Detente, Peking Visit).

Today is the day I learned that Bob Woodward was directly involved with little boys at the Reagan/Bush Sr Whitehouse during the Franklin Scandal. I did a quick search and it seems the information has been out there for some time.

Update - Original video censored. Replacement largely unrelated to original.