Tuesday, 1 November 2016

How To Do Intermittent Fasting And Never Get Hungry

I'm not suggesting mildly narcissist Hollywood wannabes are a good role model for all intellectual and personal development, but they are often obsessed with the latest information that works in terms of dietary and exercise information.

We're constantly bombarded by food imagery, and if living on my apartment floor, also surrounded 24/7 by some of the best chefs in Hong Kong, creating the most incredible aromas of tasty cooking wafting through the window. Last night the scent of gorgeous roast potatoes was heavy in the air. 

I realise that makes no sense at all in Causeway Bay but it is as it is. 

The only way to overcome this temptation to stuff my face is to deprogram with these excellent informative videos, and I think you'll find this one is excellent.

I'll go so far as to say that intermittent fasting is the single most interesting cult I've come across, and that it will be massive in the years to come and, forever after, for people seeking ways to overcome modern health and dietary challenges. Everything makes a lot of sense when considering what the human body was designed to do in an evolutionary setting, unlike that updated paleo information I came across recently.

NB: Creepy isn't it, how close Dave Dees illustration used above echoes the protest in North Dakota of Standing Rock Sioux Indians protesting an oil pipeline that was diverted away from white neighbourhoods and routed through their ancestral burial lands.