Friday 14 November 2014

How The West Will Use ISIS To Smash Up China & Russia

It's a little embarrassing these days meeting people who mind wipe themselves when it comes to information that ISIS is a fabrication of the West like al Qaeda.

Look, we know radical Islam is easy to program into head cutting and so forth, but it's no more or less moral than the West drone murdering weddings or the Israelis deliberately targeting children in the latest Gaza genocide.

The difference is if you care to dig a little deeper is that we are funding, training and sponsoring these pantomime joker psychopaths all across the Middle East and the next targets are Russia and China.

Porkins Great Game is one of the finest radio shows on the net because it's done with considerable wit and dry humour. Once you figure out how it all works there's a bit of fun to be had predicting where is next, which pantomime characters are being paid by the CIA, MI6, Mossad and KSA and what video techniques are being used to push the witless masses into begging the Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Muslim country.