Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Credible Claims of Queen Beatrix & Child Sacrifice

This is not for people who dislike evidence. 

This is not for people who like the media to tell them what is going on. 

This is not for people who have made their mind up before making their minds up. 

This is not for people who never watch testimony longer than a 40 second commercial.

I've only ever posted on this subject once before as that interview with Toos Nijenhuis was extraordinarily powerful (and also mentioned Queen Beatrix of Holland in connection to sacrifice). It's hard to say for sure based on oral evidence (which is acceptable court evidence) but this video too passes the fame seeker BS test. 

There's also graves that can be proven to be there or not and the inexplicable silence by the Dutch police.

Unlike the corporate media that only sell fame seeking bullshitters, fawn over the parasitic royals and pimp paedophile politicians, vacuous celebrities and powerful business people, this voice has an unshakable authentic ring to it. 

You decide if it's credible. 

Unless you're too lazy to see it while still thinking Royal sacrifices are preposterous. What else would someone who can have everything do for kicks?