Saturday, 15 November 2014

Edward I - King of England - The Warrior King - Hammer of the Scots

King Edward I "Longshanks" (1239-1307) - Pt 1/3 by charlesfrith

Most Kings throughout history are tainted by bloody carnage and ego fueled power if not full on psychopathy. It goes with the territory so to speak and the current Queen of England's vast global ownership of land and close connections to the privately held Bank of England and legal exceptionalism of the Corporation City of London make her (and her parasitic family) no exception to misery and death around the planet.

Edward I is no different, but it's worth noting that this King was the  historical pioneer of the United Kingdom. He fought against Braveheart and Robert the Bruce as well as abroad in the 9th Crusades and also expelled the Jews of England for usury.

It is this last action I think that has kept him swept under the carpet by the historians but I'm open to other interpretations if people wish to persuade me otherwise.

Edward's father was behind the creation of Westminster Abbey and Edward built most of the historic castles in Wales after defeating them, including Caernarfon