Monday, 10 November 2014

Did @Twitter Amputate Activists After Operation Genocidal Edge?

During Operation Genocidal Edge when over 500 children were targeted by the IDF many activists were getting our accounts hacked day in and day out. 

The growth of my followers at that time, was about 500 a week as the planet woke up to the great deception. Then straight after, it fell for the first time in years. It was subsequently tweaked and is now pretty much static.

I asked a fellow humanist who has a twitter account that is 5 times the amount of followers I have, if his experience was the same and my suspicions were confirmed. We then ran a little test to see if the numbers were being manipulated and our exercise concluded they are.

Twitter is largely owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

It's not very well known that Saudi and Israel are extremely close allies as they both prop up all the slaughter in the middle East along with a bunch of greedy dictator petromonarchies who are too cowardly to stand up straight.

The only conclusion that makes sense is that our tweets and following are being throttled so people are not seeing activist's content. 

This is not occurring with commercial accounts as I keep an eye on this segment.

Update: The pictures above were removed from my blog without my permission. I have posted them here and here as I am unable to currently upload photos to my blog.