Tuesday 29 April 2014

Paedophiles, IRA, Priests, MI5 & Satanism

A little bird tipped me off about these two essential testimony videos. 

Some of the biggest arguments I've had on the net are with the Southern Irish who refuse to accept that MI5 et al ran the IRA and thus also ran The Troubles in Northern Ireland (divide and rule) through paedophile blackmail using Satanists, the Roman Catholic Church and Children's homes such as Kincora, though it also extends to Elm Guest House in West London.

What this chap doesn't know is that paedophile Satanists  activity runs all the way to Buckingham Palace and Downing Street and that even the head of MI6 Sir Maurice Oldfield was not only using it as a blackmail weapon but was raping boys for himself as well possibly being blackmailed by foreign intelligence agencies such as the CIA or Mossad who are best at this activity.

I don't write this because I expect a round of applause (ridicule is the normal response to people who haven't put some time into it), but because the quicker it is exposed the quicker it will go away permanently. 

I think the worst is over, but as so many are zombies to what has being going on, it's only a bright light shining into dark corners that will act as a permanent disinfectant.

It's worth looking into the links between mind control, paedophiles, spooks and Satanism to corroborate some of the information here. Cathy O'Brien is a good start, but the MKULTRA tag is fairly extensive on this blog.

Update: The Guardian runs a disinfo story with the usual blah blah blah.

Update: The Mirror confirms my claims as does Aangirfan.

Update: Facebook Post