Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ring Of Depravity - The Link Between Intelligence Agencies, Elite Crime & Ritual Child Sex Abuse

It doesn't compute and regrettably nobody wants to dig into information that turns their world upside down but the facts remain that all over the world the power elite are most deeply involved in ritual child sex abuse and have the judiciary and the intelligence agencies to protect them. For many the numbers don't make sense, or the reason doesn't make sense. 

There are lots of things that just don't make sense but the more one researches it the more the answers are provided and a picture of horror emerges that is stifled by the reluctance of people to confront the dark side. I understand it in some ways but it's time for humanity to grow up and face the evidence. It's our moral responsibility. The agencies we would expect to help us are often protecting the greatest evils. Deep down you know this. We all do.