Monday, 4 March 2013

What Kind of Witless Lizard is @SharifNash ?

Sharif Nashashibi reveals himself to be inordinately stupid by claiming that Al Qaeda in Syria is all the fault of the existing leadership when we know full well that MI6 and CIA have been pumping in extremists and mercenaries into Syria using Libyan arms and Qatari and Saudi Arabian money (when they're not beheading Indonesian and Ceylon maids presumably).

The good thing about Sharif Nasashibi is he has put his views on Youtube for all to see how venal and greedy he really is. Make your own mind up. All the evidence is there.

Update: Sharif Nashashibi returns for more schooling from Tarpley though his performance is less arrogant than the first occasion. He still however is unable to entertain the idea that a small protest could be seized upon or even initiated by the worlds finest regime changers with six million deaths on their hands and that's from their own station chief in Angola. The CIA and let's not forget the wankers at MI6 and Mossad who are the real axis of evil on the planet.

Syrian politics isn't even something I pay that much attention to but I know what's going on here, and Sharif is the classic dupe. Stalin called them useful idiots. Willing pimps for a hollow cause. Let's be clear. NATO, Saudi, Qatar and Israel (and the GCC to begin with) are responsible for 70 000 deaths so far and Sharif is unable to accept responsibility for the enormity of his warmongering fervour most evident in the first video. 

Like all hypocrites and deluded amnesiacs he's already forgotten the inconvenient claims he was once attached to only last week, and which he parroted so earnestly in order to post rationalise the current situation and the humanitarian love bombs that still may come to unseat the sovereign Government of Syria. 

The Assad government I often remind people I was criticizing back in the 90's for sclerotic reform. I refuse to channel that unhappiness into becoming an apologist for NATO's war crimes in Syria. Sharif is different  He's cool with it because as you can see. He really doesn't have a clue what he's signed up to. He's not evil though. This I learned about him in his latest interview. He's just not that bright. and unwittingly is prolonging death and suffering.