Monday 4 March 2013

Remember That American Shouting Allahu Akbar Before Beheading Syrian Citizens?

You will never learn from the corporate media that Syria is being pumped with terrorists and mercenaries by NATO using Saudi and Qatari money using Libyan guns (that's what Benghazi was all about). The corporate media cannot inform you that the real target is Iranian oil but let's be candid. By the time consumers have finished following their favourite footy team, ogled a bit of celebrity nipple and texted in their favourite Britain's got talent candidate they haven't got much time to realise that the Western lifestyle is based on death and destruction. Other people's death, other countries destruction. Maybe this is why the churches are emptying faster than a stadium fire. Maybe this is why the spooks understand that to keep the divide and rule model working there has to be a group with something to lose and a group with something to gain.

Share and share alike I say, like this young chap above who lost the plot and his life for a few shekels more. I'm no fan of Syrian leadership but let me remind you till your dying days that NATO, Israel, Saudi and Qatar are the axis of evil responsible for a hundred thousand deaths through the divide and rule tactics including the most beastly beheadings of children by people like this American prick above.