Thursday 10 January 2013

Zbgniew Brzezinski & The Paradox Of Violence

I've written elsewhere about the artificial nature of the cold war. Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were all on the Banker/Wall St payroll and the desired outcome of the cold war required the industrial elite to cut the most secretive business deals such that American men were fighting against Soviet supplied trucks in the Vietnam War that were designed and funded by a Ford/Fiat partnership in the USSR.

Nobody will ever know how much (or little) Zbig lies about what he he really knows but even if he knew nothing (highly unlikely) he is still faced with the paradox of a world that values freedom and liberty for everyone, more than Zbigniew Brzezinski does for entire planet. The proof of this is his scorn for free speech which is self evident in this stunning expose of the man.

My final word is be careful of this man when it comes to his reckless advide on Russia. His ego prevents him recognising that Vladmir Putin is a stablizing force for peace and freedom in the world unlike the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg groups that Zbig likes to hang out with.

Other than this weak spot for WWIII his analysis is very sound. Particularly Israel's warmongering.