Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why I like To Admit I Got It Wrong

I used to think Editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff and whistleblower Stewart Webb were both disinformation agents but after listening to this marathon interview I was hasty. I still feel they both get information passed to them that represents the interests of groups uninterested in the progress of humanity but I didn't detect any malice in either of them from this interview. They may not necessarily be the sharpest tools in the box and Gordon Duff's reliance on Webster G Tarpley's claim that Julian Assange is working for blah blah blah is wrong. Naturally the spooks are exploiting everyone including Wikileaks for their own ends but sometimes even we have a matched agenda with spies. Use your nut.

Fantastic information in this important interview. Make notes.

Update the video was taken down so I've posted another. The main thing that was discussed was the Bush Crime family and Poppy Bush's fondness for raping children.