Friday 18 January 2013

MI5 & MI6 Start Writing 'Allo Allo' Scripts To Keep The Savile Story Buried

You can tell the British Secret service are panicking like fuck over the revelations that Jimmy Savile worked for them with the release of this utterly preposterous disinformation interview by top-toff Barrister Michael Shrimpton who by his own admission knew that Ted Heath was murdering little boys after raping them on his yacht the Morning Cloud but said nothing... as was normal in those days.

We know about Ted Heath already but the disinformation is such bad quality that he tries to blame the Germans for, well actually I forgot the full dumb details because I started laughing at the sheer desperation and 'Allo Allo' like script he was reading on behalf of SIS who must be imploding if they can't find a better liar than him.

Go on. Have a listen to classic disinformation. 

Ted Heath a peadophile who killed his victims? Yes we knew that thank you. The rest? Complete and utter bollocks. Blame the Germans, Blame the Jews, Blame the Homosexuals, Blame the Gypsies but whatever you do don't blame the Royal Household. Downing Street and the dirty paedophile blackmail spy network called MI5 and MI6. "They're the good guys according to Top Toff Barrister Michael Shrimpton.

It's an insult to the intelligence.