Friday, 18 January 2013

100 000 Congo Rapes Every Month For Smartphone Coltan - Keith Harmon Snow

The visual used is a picture of a Congo girl talking about the rape she was subjected to. She doesn't seem to have any scars so she's probably one of the lucky ones that didn't have a rifle barrel inserted in her vagina or a blade whipped across her face. It's hard to be sure she isn't permanently disfigured as well as emotionally scarred for the rest of her life. We can't see the full story.

The two video clips slightly overlap each other but I assure you that Keith Harmon Snow is such a compelling and informed speaker that it is worth repeating a few minutes of viewing.

It is within our power as a collective to find a way to stop the rape of DRC the country and Congolese women. It's just wrong. Keith Harmon Snow needs money to keep doing his amazing work. Go give him money and don't be tight.