Tuesday 30 October 2012

Transhumanism - Dante, Percy Shelley & Oscar Wilde

From TED talks to the corporate media narrative the endlessly repeated framework is humans bad, technology good. It could be said we're being encouraged to think that the quicker we integrate with machines the better, and the technology fetishists and materialists are lauded while those who seek a simpler and more harmonic approach are ridiculed. This is word for word outlined in the oldest texts we have through an understanding of the Nag Hammadi codices. The notion of HAL (Synthetic) being superior to nature.

Here we listen to Joseph P Farrell and Scott de Hart discussing their latest book A Grimoire of Transhumanism. Interesting talk that connects dots like John Taylor Gatto does with Plato, Spinoza et al.

By coincidence I'm watching Friza Lang's Metropolis at the moment and that is feeding into my thinking of this subject. I love technology like the internet for communication but if given a hard choice I'd take my natural ability to communicate with my neighbour by voice over the internet any day. It's superior tech.