Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dean A. Garner - The Jesuit Society

Dean A Ganer is in my opinion disinformation  His story doesn't add up one bit. From being a person who writes out careful life plans he seems to skip from being a scientist, writer, editor, mercenary and whatever takes his fancy including a stint as a Ranger at the age of 35 where he is keen to tell us he was as fit as an 18 year old. Yeah right, killing after science makes so much sense.

OK, so if we eye him suspiciously and ask what's the reason why? The answer that comes to mind is disinformation about the Jesuits. It makes perfect sense as the Jesuits emerge as a controlling force in Rome and around the world particularly at Georgetown University and the Council on Foreign Relations. Dean A Garner even claims to have attended some courses at Georgetown but then he makes a lot of claims that don't add up, like being a scientist who doesn't seem to be always in command of the English language and also a scientist who liked to change career and go kill people which he declares he enjoyed both as a soldier (ugh) and as a mercenary (double ugh).

Now it may be the case that Dean A Garner is MKULTRA and is managing a number of personalities that he isn't aware of. This would explain the close association  to the military, the varied career, the absence of intellectualism and so on and so forth. However looking on the positive side I learned a couple things that I trust in this interview.

1. The Jesuits run the Vatican not vice versa
2. The Jesuits are an army and to be discussed in that way only or nothing makes sense.
3. The Jesuits make use of astrophysical movements to launch initiatives that suggest they have a deeper grasp of the relationship between humans and the universe/astrotheology than is commonly known.

My guess is that Dean A Garner is controlling the emerging Jesuit narrative rather than explaining it fully to us. That doesn't mean there aren't things to learn but one must be carefully. 

Particularly with his flakey life story and close Jesuit connections.