Tuesday 18 September 2012

Presidential Bioethics Commission (Is Dr. Amy Gutmann A Reptilian?)

Industry Icon - Amy Gutmann from History Making Productions on Vimeo.

Dr Amy Gutmann creeps me out. I've watched her stone cold bioethics hearings and written about it below. Update: The original video was removed so I've embedded a clip of her with creepy Joe Biden (Nov 2020).

March 1st 2011, bioethics commission, session 10 from Jeremy on Vimeo.

The experienced researcher will note the disengaged and hesitant approach of the chair Dr Amy Gutmann and will do a background check on her and discover she is the quintessential fascist apologist calling it the spirit of compromise. Yeah, why don't we compromise between locking her up or locking her up without trial. Maybe a half trial where we win?

The keen observer will note the gentleman whispering sotto voce into her ear when a victim demands representation on the bioethics committee and the pro forma response so quick to invoke Obama's name as an empty appeal to authority.

The testimony in these hearings is explosive and repeated over and over again. The US is remotely controlling thoughts, feelings, pleasure and pain of US victims across the coutnry. There's plenty of discussion on the net of the methodology by Dr Nick Begich invoking directed energy  but the reality is we just don't know how they do it.

I see for Dr. Amy Gutmann tenure is looking golden. How nice. How very comfortable.