Tuesday 18 September 2012

New Video Of Ambassador Chris Stevens Body Being Dragged Allahu Akbar Style Through Libyan Streets

The New York Times is trying to spin this video as Chris Steven's "rescuers". You can hear the cries of Allahu Akbar or God is Great. A curious thing to shout when a dead body is found no?

The stupids who rely on the corporate media for their news are to be ignored but for us there are very obvious questions.

1. Why is the body in good condition. It is neither mutilated, smoked or bullet ridden. It's like he's been poisoned and a phone call made to the local militias to come pick it up.
2. How did this body transfer from the local militias who it's claimed killed him to the Western powers running Libya? It's like they're in close cooperation no?

I could go on but I'm not really interested in the answers. The US tells lies, mind controls Guantanamo victims and releases those it can use while keeping those it can't, the US creates false flags, incites violence for political reasons and finally always goes to war for money that it uses to buy more weapons to inflict on more fake created enemies. It's just business. Round and round it goes.