Friday, 31 August 2012

Sex Slaves, Body Parts & Human Sacrifice - The Life Cycle of CIA Child Trafficking

Ted Gunderson ran the FBI in Los Angeles. Even with his credentials he couldn't jail the ring leaders of ritual child sex abuse with links to the CIA and all the way up to the Oval Office in the Whitehouse.

Ted was hired by John Edgar Hoover and was loyal to him so I think we can believe his testimony that he interviewed LBJ"s mistress who told him that LBJ informed her JFK "wont be a problem tomorrow" the day before he was assassinated. This isn't new because we know LBJ is responsible for assisting President Kennedy's murder but is unlikely to be the mastermind. What is new is that LBJ's girlfriend told Ted Gunderson that J Edgar Hoover was present at that meeting.

We now know Lee Harvey Oswald was on the FBI's books and likely spying on the CIA for Hoover. When the CIA found this out they set him up to be the patsy for JFK's murder. This means Hoover was playing a very ambiguous game in the JFK murder where he hoped to finger Alan Dulles who was running the CIA, and gain even more powers.

At the end of the day we still don't know for certain who initiated killing JFK but what should be apparent to the researcher of corruption is that our elites are rotten to the core. 

Don't trust them.