Wednesday 10 August 2011

LBJ's Mistress on Lyndon's Involvement in JFK's Assasination

After my earlier post about Jackie Kennedy's recording that LBJ was responsible for Kennedy's assassination I was tipped off about this interview with LBJ's mistress. It's an extraordinary portrait of venal power in Texas confirming that LBJ planned Kennedy's death from day one and extended the Vietnam War to keep his Texan friends at Brown & Root flowing in cash. Today they are known as Haliburton. I feel I live in a parallel universe that a major media player still doesn't set the record straight and that so few are disturbed by this. 

How can the planet move on if we don't address that the top layer of elite power and influence are rotten to the core?

Update: LBJ assisted in JFK's murder but was not the mastermind. There may well have been a consortium but somebody must have put the idea forward first.

Update Two - The video has been removed from the internet. I will try to seek another one out as it is so convincing and is important first hand evidence.

Update Three - I've found one for the time being. Watch it while it's still online.