Thursday 30 August 2012

Uganda - More Mobiles Than Light Bulbs

Last week, Mark Kaigwa gave one of the most interesting presentations at the Media Evolution conference in Sweden. Naturally, I missed the session entirely because I was attending another one at the same time, but I’m very happy to say I caught up with him to hear him out.
Kaigwa is a Nairobi, Kenya-based digital marketing expert, consultant, startup founder and advisor, writer, short film maker and online media entrepreneur.
The man runs a few popular sites, including African tech and innovation blogAfrinnovator and online artist community AfricanDigitalArt.
He’s also a super nice guy.
We talked about mobile usage and penetration – there’s expected to be 735 million mobile phones in Africa alone by the end of this year – and a number of interesting technology services coming from and stats about Africa.