Sunday 19 August 2012

Presidential Conspiracy Filmed On Camera In Court

I keep going on how Nixon is a smokescreen for the real Presidential criminal (Bob Woodward was Naval Intelligence and never busted another story after Nixon). The controlled media hardly ever focus on Iran Contra but Iran Contra is a festering gangrenous leg ulcer compared to a Nixonian teen pimple. It's that fucking basic folks. Anyhow don't take my word for it because you can watch Ollie North telling us straight that he dealt in guns for cash for drugs for more guns for more cash and you get the picture right?  There's loads of very telling moments in this. Just following orders sir. Just following orders.

But what you have to do your homework on to appreciate is that he's admitting to the stuff he can get away with. The real crimes were interrogated by the Iran-Contra hearings sub rosa and experience tells me that if I give it to you straight you wont be able to process it, so do the work and figure out how the world really spins if reality interests you. I'm helping you by pointing you to the meat the corporate media are silent over while jumping up and down at the latest narrative to distract the people.

To be fair it's Bush who was the mastermind. Reagan was an actor. Chosen for the role.