Sunday 19 August 2012

The Masonic/Illuminati & Mormon Connection

I was listening to Tarpley earlier and he's been digging around Mormonism. Now before you get scared off it's not important what we believe but it is important what the opposition/power elite believe so you can imagine my surprise to find that Albert Pike knew Joseph Smith. 

I'm reluctant to use words like Illuminati and I really know just the bare basics but my interest has now been ignited and I'm going to find out what Mr Pike's connection is to the founder of the Mormons. I only got some value from the first embed posted above so there's no need to do more than ten minutes of those. Mark Dice is well informed on one topic only and is ignorant of many others so do exercise discretion. I didn't post part three but he reviews a movie he's never seen in that part. You owe me for sparing you that dross.

Update: The original videos were removed so I've posted others. It's quite hard to get the information I originally posted from the net as LDS seem to dominate all the Google search engine listings

It's important to remember that the GOP managed to get John Hunt, the Mormon ambassador of Beijing (Bush Senior anyone?) to resign his position and run for leadership. We must conclude that whatever the GOP wants, they must want a Mormon leader this year and they've already had a quick poll on which one is the most popular. 

They have a backup if need be. Hey. This is is pure theory but I'm not a coincidence theorist. 

That's an insult.