Sunday 19 August 2012

Naomi Wolfe On The Corporate Media NDAA Silence

The Nazi Enabling Act of March 1933 is in many respects the same as the U.S. NDAA act signed over new years eve by Mr Obama to conceal it from the American people. The corporate media are controlled when it comes to critical issues and so it was ignored but we've been pointing out that people are in danger. Now obviously if you're sipping on the Obomney Kool Aid it's preposterous that essential liberties are in danger but between you and I, most people are already too intimidated by the American secret police and associated spying organs to stand up and even ask honest questions. They're scared to find out, and as a result they're now badly informed.

From my tropical hidey hole, I'm not and so you don't get too many chances to listen to a grown up explain it so listen to Naomi Wolfe. You'd be mad to trust the corporate controlled media. These are crucial times and there's a lot holograms around the most basic trusted foundations of ordinary life. Question, question, question.