Sunday 19 August 2012

Nixon & Kissinger Mattered Less Than Nixon & The Bush Dynasty


Professor Robert Dallek is clearly a nice chap and I learned some nice things from this talk but he's trapped in an academia which cannot admit that President JFK was shot from a number of different directions and that the Warren report is constructed reality from beginning to end.

He's spent so many years defending and fitting the establishment story into reality he's drifted off into a fictitious world that only academia and the wildest of coincidence theorists live in. I would debate his version of history any day in public and teach him the latest information because it's always turning up. For example the hidden relationship between Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush and Nixon. Far more important than Kissinger and yet he never mentions it once. Furthermore some old boy gets up at the end and tackles him on the Vietnam and Korean war being U.N wars which they were and the professor of history has nothing to say about it even though it matters a great deal.

This is why the internet is amazing. You can put a hundred hours into something and if you research it right you can come up with a better version of events than a person who has spent their life studying something. That doesn't mean there isn't value here. There is. Ya just gotta wait till he's on safe turf.