Sunday 19 August 2012

Establishment Shill Vincent Bugliosi - Words Failed Him

Just checking my premises I thought I'd listen to the most authoritive account defending the Warren Commission report by Vincent Bugliosi who took two decades to write his version of events. I'm not surprised. Convoluted explanations take a long time to produce and the easiest explanations of the JFK conspiracy can whizz through things in a couple of hours convincingly and a couple of weeks if checking the facts.

Regrettably Mr Bugliosi is so fond of the ad hominem attack that I lost him on simple respect for your opponent when putting his case forward and later realised he's just an establishment shill. Seems is very mainstream and like I say; the more mainstream you go the less you know. 

Watch it though and make your own mind up. I feel a bit embarrassed that what took him two decades is so weak it requires insults like 'kooks'. Really. I'm a Kook? OK if that make's you feel better but what's the word for someone who wasted two decades of their life? 

Time waster?