Sunday, 26 August 2012

Blood On The Tracks

I love the way crowds of activists ripped the railway track to pieces after the Pentagon ordered a train carrying arms to Nicaragua and El Salvador to run over S. Brian Willson. People like George Bush Sr and Oliver North and Ronald Reagan talked a good game about heroism but they got nothing on S. Brian Willson.

S. Brian Willson discusses how his life changed while he was serving in Vietnam. Initially in full support of U.S. intervention there, he had a life changin ephinany while on assignment to do "damage assessment."

Leaving behind his role in the U.S.A.F., Brian went on to devote his life to activism which led him to many nations. Among his experiences, he witnessed the site of Ameryya bomb shelter and, on another trip, he was imprisoned in Ramallah by the IDF.

Brian was run over by a U.S. munitions train and lost his legs while attempting to non-violently protest the shipment of weapons to be used against the people of Nicaragua and El Salvador in the late 1980s.