Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Son I'm 30. I Only Went With Your Mother Cuz She's Dirty

The corporate media are prurient. It's a non stop hamster wheel of wardrobe malfunctions, bodily secretions and carry on innuendo of skimpy bras and pants with the occasional blow job and auto asphyxiation thrown in for good measure. So why are these pictures of the deliberately confusing Stanley Ann Dunham (daughter of Stanley Armour Dunham (notice the deft name switch a good CIA handler would impose?) and mother of Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama) not making the rounds even if to ridicule the half baked lunatics who want to bring a Marxist Bankster (go figure) down?

Not me. I couldn't give a stuff who runs the United States of Looney Toons these days, so I've got no skin in the game. I do suspect there's a DIA CIA conflict and information war. The lay researcher can hardly ignore the CIA connections the prez has so I only add one caveat. If this is infowars between the DIA and CIA it's damn good attention to detail because she looks like Obomney's mother. Also, Frank Marshall was clearly open minded about sexuality given his book Sex Rebel and if I'm not mistaken the furniture used in the S&M photoshoot is the same that appears in 'family photographs with the young Obama.