Thursday, 12 July 2012

Increasingly Hysteric Hillary - Diary Of A Deranged Secretary of State

Once again the American and British peoples as well as the United Nations are impotent in the face of more war profiteering. Syria is a stepping stone to Iran and if Tehran falls there's no alternative to the ordered new world of globalization, global drone policing and RFID chipped privileges like eating and working. Sex too if they're any good at maintaining discipline.

My interpretation is that Hillary Clinton's latest threats of "Catastrophic assault" coupled with the long build up of US Navy ships in the area means an air assault on Damascus or a border war along Turkey or Lebanon. Probably both. My only hope is that China and Russia give NATO the bloodiest nose they've ever had the stupidity to be on the receiving end of. They will deserve every drop of claret on the desert sands they get.

I've been critical of the Assad regime since Bashar's Mayfair, London days but make no mistake, great evils have been perpetrated in Syria under the direction of NATO, Saudi, Qatar and Israel. They have been falsely portrayed in the Western propaganda as the fault of the Syrian government. 

As quietly as possible the BBC and even the respectable Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung have reported these are Western lies that are being perpetrated. But it's not enough to say we're lying once or twice. Every adman knows that repeating a lie is what sticks in the memory.

And the lie is Assad is the new boogeyman. Yet again the gullible Western publics falls for the oldest tricks in the book, unaware of our direct hand in Syrian atrocities to justify intervention - Ye olde false flag if you will.

 There will be more of those. There's always more when it comes to NATO.