Friday 13 July 2012

The United States Of Holocaust Deniers

Holocaust in Korea:

3 million(including 2 million civilians) killed denying Koreans repatriation of THEIR country.

2,854,000 (Britannica)
2,889,000 (Eckhardt)
3,000,000 (D. Smith)
3,062,000 (Rummel)
3,500,000 (Lewy, incl. 2-3M civilians)


The US Holocaust in Vietnam:

3.5 million slaughtered upholding Pro-Western dictator in Vietnam, under the pretext of Ho Chi Minh being an 'agent of Moscow'.

Estimates of CIVILLIAN casualties Vietnam War alone:

2,058,000 (Eckhardt)
2,163,000 (Britannica)
2,500,000 (Grenville)
3,000,000 (Chomsky)
3,100,000 (Tucker)

South Vietnam military:

224,000 (Kutler, Olson)
250,000 (Clodfelter, Grenville)
650,000 (Small & Singer)

N.Vietnamese Military (including NFL):

900,000 (Britannica; Grenville)
1,000,000 (Clodfelter)
1,100,000 (Tucker)


The US Holocaust in Cambodia:

1 million slaughtered during US bombing of Cambodia & Laos (prior to Pol Pot's bloody revenge on the Capitalist-Sympathisers).


500,000 (Independent Finnish Study; Kapuchea: A decade of Genocide),


70,000 (Rummel),
200,000 (Martin Stuart-Fox A History of Laos),
250,000 (Wallechinsky),


The Indonesian Holocaust:

1 million slaughtered opening Indonesia to Western business by US client dictator Suharto.

500,000 (D.Smith)
509,000 (Rummel)
600,000 (Chomsky)
3-600,000 (Hartman)
750,000 (CDI)
300,000-1 Million (Encarta)

"In terms of the numbers killed, the murders rank as one of the worst in 20th Century history" - CIA Intelligence report: Indonesia 1965.

For sources evidencing CIA & MI6 complicity in Suharto's slaughter:

In an article entitled; "Ex-agents say CIA compiled death lists for Indonesians" which appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on May 20, 1990, 1990, and the Boston Globe on May 23, 1990 Journalist Kathy Kadane explained (following a series of interviews with former US officials);

"They systematically compiled comprehensive lists of communist operatives. As many as 5,000 names were furnished to the Indonesian Army and the Americans later checked off the names of those who had been killed of captured.'

She quoted US diplomat Robert J Martens who said during an interview; "It was a big help to the army. They probably killed a lot of people & I probably have a lot of blood on my hands."

Deputy CIA station chief in Indonesia Joseph Lazarsky told her: "We were getting a good account in Jakarta of who was being picked up...the army had a shooting list of about 4,000 or 5,000 people...We knew what they were doing."

The same article appeared in the Washington Post on May 21 1990 titled: "U.S. Officials' Lists Aided Indonesian Bloodbath in '60s".

An admission of - albeit it only indirect - complicity from the CIA's website in a partially declassified document called "The Lessons of the September 30 Affair":

"...our decision to commit American troops in that country...stiffened the backbones of the Indonesian officer corps...for them to crush their own Communist threat in a "massacre" which took the lives of some 350,000 or more party members at no cost to the United States."


Suharto's US backed invasion of East Timor:

150,000 (Rummel)
150,000 (CDI)
250,000 (FAS 2000)


Holocaust in Latin America:

2-300,000 in US suppression of democracy in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile etc.


Holocaust in Iraq:

100,000 plus Kurds killed supporting Saddam's gassings with US chemical precursor exports, agri-credits for crop loss, initial cover up of Halabja.

(See my previous video for links to sources of US/UK complicity in Saddam's gassings).

1.3 million killed in US led Iraqi sanctions (including deaths of 500,000 children).

1 million killed in current invasion & installation of pro-Western puppet government in Iraq, incorporating media denial of resistance fighters & the fueling of sectarian violence in a blatant divide & conquer strategy.

Current Iraq Invasion: 

654,965 (John Hopkins, Lancet) 6/2006. 
1,033,000 (ORB) as of 8/2007. 


The Native America Holocaust:

30 million Native Americans slaughtered in the original 'discovery' (invasion) of the Americas.

13,778,000 (Rummel)
30,000,000 (Aletheia)
30-90,000,000 (Chomsky)
100,000,000 (Stannard

On Feb 7 1955, The Supreme Court entered it's opinion in the case of Tee-Hit-Ton v. US asserting that the US holds title to American Indian territory by 'right of conquest'.

Update: The original Youtube video was censored and removed. I found an alternative on a Korean video site.