Friday, 13 July 2012

Christopher Hitchens & Questioning the Synthesized "Holocaust" Narrative

I've been very critical of the late Christopher Hitchens. In my view he was singularly wrong on the most important question of our generation which is the neoconservative preplanned intention to invade Iraq based on lies on deception.

On the quiet though I'd sever a finger or two to secure Hitchens' vocabulary, cadence and manner of speaking but that's because I'm a weak hypocrite with shallow pretensions of erudition and command of language.

Nevertheless Christopher Hitchen's defence of David Irving is one of those great examples when I'm left concluding that at times his courage and example went way beyond any other writer I can think of since Orwell. I pointed this out when he went through water boarding for Vanity Fair.

The video is worth watching for the unspeakably repressed outrage of a trembling voice warbling from a red faced Eric Breindel who was obviously a cock but clearly a badly informed one on this occasion.

Impramatur is one of those words the internet will kill and thanks to Wikileaks et al. We will stomp it into the ground and grind a heel into its elite background and barely try to forget it ever existed, because it's so much more forgettable than the truth which if you're not paying attention is often forgotten but unlike deception is eternal.