Monday 13 February 2012

Why Did Quantum Physics Scare Off Richard Feynman

I've always spoken well of Richard Feynman and I still believe he was a great guy with respect to being a human being and his overall scientific humility. However it's time to prune down his contribution to physics because in the final analysis he was too intimidated to be scientific about quantum mechanics and worse than that encouraged his students to stay away from the subject as the video above explains unambiguously.

Let's get one thing straight. You can keep your scientific materialism because the future is going on metaphorically and actually at a quantum mechanical level. The whole observation, repetition and measurement-science of materialism is maxed out and hasn't brought our species intellectually forward from the combustion engine which requires fossil fuels to fight over and has idiots with rulers telling thinkers what is and isn't.

Henry Stapp gets a little bogged down here with the relationship between existing information, intention (free will) and quantum wave collapse but make no mistake, broadly speaking he's saying we create our realities and while that requires a discussion of how collective realities work together the subject can be explained to primary children in a few hours. Instead we teach them to be obedient, to memorize, to be unoriginal and to be uniform in their opinions.

So the question remains. Why did physics and Richard Feynman do the unscientific thing and back away from the most important quantum mechanical (sub atomic) discoveries at the beginning of the last century? What sort of scientist advises his students not to try and understand something? Why did Richard Feynman tell his students to 'shut up and calculate' or was that David Mermin

I think the story behind that is much bigger than has yet come out into the open. I don't want to share what I think yet but I don't mind raising a flag on the issue so that I can elaborate on it later as conciousness picks up enough to understand that this is a holographic universe and we can shape it, up to, but no further than our wildest dreams (think about that) as long as we block out the huge chunks of toxic propaganda and for profit-media framing our realities by keeping us penned into ideas that are past their sell by date. 

Advertising is hugely toxic in this matter too. It reinforces you to believe you're a consumer instead of a creator. You consume food of course but more importantly you create life in many many ways from ideas to babies.

This is all about free will and by coincidence earlier today, I see that peer review is stifling innovation too. But by now you might know my views on scientific materialism. It's down a cul de sac.