Sunday 12 February 2012

Randy Maugans Interviews James Horak

I don't agree that Dr Norman Bergrun's Saturnalian ringmakers are the same as James Horak's EMVs. One is photography of emergent rings around Saturn in nine months between 1980 and 1981, and the others are SOHO satellite images of what can only be described as heliosphere CME-blocking. I also disagree with Randy Maugans assessment of Bill Brockbrader (nee Woods) and both Randy and James understanding of multiple timelines and timeline convergence/divergence.

Other than that it's still a good interview. James has a strong erudite mind and his off planet experiences are worth a listen though his ex military background is worth factoring in as with all ex military and security services members for MKULTRA isues. He's on Facebook though and does talk to people. He rarely talks about ET in Facebook only conspiracy but he does have a fondness for Russian literature and is no fool.

Here's Dr Norman Bergrun speaking about Saturn's rings.

Privately Dr Bergrun has confirmed to Jordan Maxwell that the rings of Saturn are constructed (as John Lash confirms here) but publicly on Coast to Coast he's less direct. Many of us feel that Saturnalian rings are Archontic and that unlike the Solar EMV phenomena  Saturn is not benevolent.

The growing consensus is that Nassim Haramein's conclusion of the sun as stargate is very likely. I think it explains this kind of phenomena.