Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nothing Matters

Following on my Lawrence Krauss lecture and post on nothing, (he's fun but overrated) this excellent video on nothing serves a couple of purposes. Firstly I think The New Scientist is one of the least arrogant scientific institutions and that is to be applauded. Their lead stories are invariably about how much we don't know rather than the pseudo-sceptical fascism of techno-bores who can't wait to impress with their scientific prowess of rapidly dissembling theories (thermodynamics is in for an overhaul).  It is possible they're also just warming you up for cold fusion or vacuum energy because that's on its way in.

I think there's a wonderful philosophical-dimensional point to be made that if there's no space between two objects, i.e. they are touching, then nothing exists through the presence of something and that's a contradictory point I've made in the past, that flips the physicality argument (of something exists through nothing) made in the video. It suggests objectivity is beginning to finally lose its intellectual coherence. 

This means there's no such thing as the 'other'. I am you and you are me, it's all one, and can you lend me a fiver please.

My last point is the resurrection of ether. This Victorian idea is now firmly back in science and while we haven't revived the use of leeches may I point out that materialist science is a joke. CERN, nuclear physics and all that smashing things up science is past its sell by date.

Materialist science is not our future.