Thursday 9 February 2012

Immanuel Velikovsky's Interdisciplinary Scientific Smart Bomb

Velikosvky is old school classical scholar with a number of feathers to his hat including ancient languages, astronomy, physics and medicine. While at Princeton and a year and half before Einstein's death they discussed/argued over the nature of an Einsteinian gravitic universe and Velikovsky's electromagnetic universe. Finally Velikovsky forecast that if he was right the surface temperature of Venus would be much hotter and that Jupiter would emit radio waves. Einstein died before he could respond to these subsequent proof discoveries but what is interesting is the sheer inability of science to deal with his thinking in a rational way. 

This superb documentary doesn't really dig into the implications of Velikovsky's work but is an excellent introduction to his studies.

Velikovsky states at the end that he never anticipated the 'violence' with which his ideas were opposed. Like much conspiracy theory calumny from the establishment I ask a simple question? 

"If it's only a theory, why the outrage?".