Wednesday 15 February 2012

Holy Communion With Quantum Entanglement

I left a comment at Wired on the subject of Quantum Entanglement. I'll clean it up later because I bash these out in a rage sometimes and I got too much going on.

Materialist science says if you can't touch, measure and repeat something physically, it doesn't exist scientifically. Around the turn of the last century quantum mechanics proved that's not true but the implications of that message, like Nikola Tesla's free energy research needed crushing so the owners can continue to bill us for the privilege of being born and staying alive on a planet that is our collective birthright to share.

The doctrinaire scientific mantra of "physicality matters most" is an intellectual ideology pursued and pimped by top-tier scientific academia to this day. It keeps people stupid as to the real nature of nature, of conciousness and of being. 

If one drops the materialist-science bullshit the implications are clear. 

Everything is connected to everything else.
 There is no other.
 You are me and I am you
Like the pea to grapefruit sized universe at the moment of big bang,
 that contained everything that ever existed. 

For those paying attention there is no 'size' to measure and dimensionality is a 4D scientific abstract unprovable within its own construct by the very same rationale that Kurt Godel's incompleteness theorem say's you can't measure the size of the ruler with the ruler. 

What does this mean? 

It means we've been duped, conned, hoodwinked and managed like livestock, left ignorant that what can't be touched counts more than what can be 'touched'. What can't be repeated transcends that which can be repeated, that the unmeasurable counts more than the measurable, for as Wittgenstein noted, the supreme irony of the repeatable science mantra is that it goes on smashing things up (CERN/FERMI/HIROSHIMA et al) until it blows everything up and nothing is ever again repeatable.

The safety catch is a sublimely genius mechanism that protects the integrity of this experience often called the holographic universe. We live in it energetically until such time as we no longer live in it and return to the more complex energetic state that created it. 

What name you choose to give that construct or how it originated doesn't matter because whether you like it or not there are profound clues as to its universal and ubiquitous intelligence that the observer and the observed can point to but never touch. The most poetic example is the moon being the same 2D size real estate as the sun in the sky. It's a cosmic coincidence of zero probability so perfectly matched it sings silently to the concious and the conciousness.

It says: Whatever you choose to explain this, it is not chance. 
It is intelligent and knows that it must stand back and let us learn that what doesn't exist matters more than what does exist.

It's a painful lesson, called free will and we chose it that way.

We can choose the future too. 

All of it.