Wednesday 15 February 2012

Clif High - The Six Yogas Of Naropa & A Kick In The Toroidal Nuts

One of the great things about the CIA/NSA controlled bulletin boards Above Top Secret and Godlike Productions is that they are populated by trash-mouth sceptics and astro-turf poison tongues too obtuse to understand the subtlety of Clif' High's work and the broad thrust of timelines versus the ever-present-now methodology of managing the future. (It's complex).

That's just the way we want them. Shooting their mouths off and doing the job they were destined to fulfil as the collective serpent that turned on its own propaganda tail. 

If I was a shit raker in the CIA and the NSA with a 'ticket' to an underground base in the event it all goes (extinction level event) pear shaped, I'd shut em down right now, but as they are fulfilling a task nobody ever anticipated, including me, it suits my agenda to thank the men in black for epic failing big-time on our behalf. 

It's a cork popping WIN.... Depending on whose side you're on of course.

Here's the post that gamed the future (and the ever-present-now)