Tuesday 7 February 2012

Is the USS Enterprise The Sacrificial Lamb To False Flag Attack Iran?

All of the red areas dots are US military bases surrounding the country of Iran who have never invaded any country in their history. They are being subjected to terrorist attacks on their nuclear energy scientists which is the only energy alternative they have to oil dependence. Iran is being pummelled with trade sanctions against fictitious weapons of mass delusion while the corporate for-war-profit media brainwashes the Western consumer into believing they are yet another threat in the long line of toxic perpetual war machine victims.

The USS Enterprise looks very high up the list for another false flag Gulf of Tonkin or USS Liberty. We're on to this game, we know how it works and the eyes of the world are on the gangsters who run these sick games.

Update: Clif High's Web Bots are saying a similar story. As long as we shout early enough, loud enough and long enough this wont become part of our timeline. We have free will and our future is not set. We control our future.