Tuesday 7 February 2012

Bruce, Stewart & Matt @ The FBI (Low Level Intellects Parading As The Good Guys)

I've always said the police are paid to be loyal servants not clever. That was recently brought home by the police applicant who was too clever to be employed. T%he last thing the State needs are cops who question if they are doing the right thing when it's self evident they are not.

The FBI like all enforcement agencies has yet to jail one banker for mortgage fraud or financial malfeasance. 9/11 now a decade old is widely recognised as a false flag event by those who aren't brain washed by mass media and yet not one FBI agent has the testicles to stand up and be counted, even though the CIA's own people are on record as stating it was a fix.

Recently Anonymous hacked an FBI phonecall and recorded the banality of a transatlantic security conversation revealing this parasitical so called protection force's conversation. You can listen to it above. It's troubling how messed up things are that the good guys are non existent and no different from the bad guys when their cognitive calibre is so low and their record of crime busting is trivial.