Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Straits Of Hormuz, Bleeding Arteries & Vengeful Head Locks

Excellent Christmas cheer video round up on the flashpoints that the corporate media are not reporting accurately by Global Research TV. I don't agree with all their assessments, all of the time, but the service they provide means I'm covered on what's important around the world without a corporation's vested interested in the military industrial complex's skewering the truth like a freshly skinned deer over an Appalachian mountain barbecue fire.

I'm not into war porn but the photo above is easy to overlook that there's a tank rolling out of the smaller helicopter if you take a closer look. The defence Archons have fleeced us in order to keep themselves in toys that ultimately don't mean anything when tactical nuclear warheads start to take out key strategic points. The Straits of Hormuz is the one that matters most to the West and frankly I'll be raising a glass if Iran sever that arterial corridor of the Western banking/war model for beggar thy neighbour. 

Taking a metaphysical look at the satellite map the decline of the masculine archetype and the emergence of the feminine bodes well in terms of geographic gender symbolism. See for yourself. It's only a fifth of the world's oil supply that flows through the couple of kilometres below that is deep enough for an oil tanker to crawl through.

Couple of nuclear tipped suicide speedboats would take care of that.