Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Jungian Analysis Of The E.T Question - Professor Emeritus Of Religious Studies David J. Halperin

I took a quick look at this yesterday and decided Professor J. Halperin was a bit stuffy and  traditional for me, but today before closing the tab down I noticed he asked who gave the first telling of the mythical Greek Gods and then specifically he mentions Perseus against Medusa which was just enough to for me to give him a whirl. 

I haven't yet discovered if he's familiar with Douglas Dietrich's explosive revelations on the Roswell incident but he's a good introduction to the archetypal and transdimensional nature of the topic. Give him a whirl if you like it erudite and professorial. 

He's an Ezekial specialist for you spinning wheel obsessives and he picks up on Sagan's ambiguity of position which we now know was because he was holding back on us.

The Professors Betty & Barney Hill deconstruction is novel but doesn't really factor in the Gnostic account of the neonate entities known as the Archons and thus well before Striebers book cover illustration of Communion, or is he ticking off that subject with his mention of the Jewish mystics account in Hekhalot Rabbhati in which I'm not sure I understand his psychological point with respect to trauma and recalled memories drawn from the visual Zeitgeist.