Monday 26 December 2011

Christopher Knowles & The Elusive Companion Hypothesis

See update below: At the one hour thirty two minute mark the host Mike Clelland guest Christopher Knowles both riff on the mind fuck qualities of the experiencer phenomena and I have to say it fits perfectly John Lash's Archontic description through the Gnostics, that by and large they are playing with our heads.

As an aside I only learned the name crypto-terrestrials last week which I kind of liked but understand the weakness of as well though elusive companion doesn't hit the spot with me either. 

There's a fantastic Arthur C. Clarke anecdote in this excellent podcast by Leo Sprinkle. Super cryptic and elusive but in some ways very revealing.

Update: The original video has been removed so I replaced it with another. You may have to scout about on this link to find the original audio file.