Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mayan Pizza Recipe Discovered In Mesoamerican Jungle


David Hatcher Childress draws our attention to ancient Sumerian/Akkadian cuneiform writings turning up in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia (close to Lake Titicaca Peruvian border) on ancient artefacts of The Pokotia Monolith and The Magna Fuente Bowl. It's like an ancient chip shop turning up in an archaeological dig at Angkor Wat.You can listen to an interview with him on the subject by Coast over here or play the Youtube embed below. It's first class audio and further evidence of the concerted effort to conceal our true historical record. 

One great point David Hatcher-Childress makes that hadn't occurred to me, is that the Smithsonian may well be unaware of the deception it perpetrates. Most of the key evidence was spirited away around the 18th and 19th century in America and so the narrative is already in place. Once the story is bedded down i.e. the pyramids in Egypt have nothing to do with the Pyramids in Mesoamerica, it matters very little who is in charge from now on as they will certainly be innocent of revisionism and have a pension to protect. They will be unwilling to interrogate a time line that has been in place for quite some time. It's more about a nudge than a push if anything emerges to challenge the story like this incredible evidence that our ancestors had intercontinental trade not unlike the early 20th century at the very least. Possibly flying if we factor in those Indian Vimanas.

The end of the interview refers to the end of Indiana Jones where secret treasures are locked up under heavy government lock and key and as Jordan Maxwell claims 'Stephen Spielberg doesn't make movies to entertain. He makes them to comment on the world'. I think Jordan is right and if you listen to this interview you can make your own mind up. Here's a previous Smithsonian post.