Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pakistan & Jinnah

After rewatching Gandhi I was recommended to take a look at Christopher Lee's Jinnah. I like its narrative premise of a life review, which oddly enough is a near death experience (NDE) that transcends religion and geography, the subject of the film. I think I remain unchanged from my stated position that the British left a lovely divide and rule ticking time bomb between the two countries in order that they could be subject to outside influence. 

It's called Kashmir.

Gandhi (reluctantly) and Jinnah agreed that partition would take place between India and Pakistan, and the British through Mountbatten made that process unfair given the ethnic make up of the Kashmir region. 

Divide and rule, problem reaction solution, Hegelian dialectic are all as old as the hills. The stupid monkey needs to wake up to the elite string pulling that has kept the human house divided since the Mesopotamian civilisations. I say human because the blood lines that run things are of the blue blood variety as opposed to our red. 

As Princess Diana repeated over and again before her murder.

"They're not human".