Saturday, 12 November 2011

John Lash - Archontic Influences, Divine Sophia & Chaldean Channellers

There are only two points of difference (thus far) between myself and John Lash. The first is that I believe that crop circles are largely other world communications rather than terrestrial indications of White Hat overtures to humanity and the second is that I believe 9/11 was subject to two possibly three methods of destructions (not including the planes impacting the twin towers, that did comparatively little). 

Yes Dr. Judy Wood's work is the most convincing but like much Trilateral alchemy the use of three reasons for a single task is as old as we can trace back for disinformation and confusion.

Other than that John Lash is brilliant and interesting. His contribution to lifting the veil is up there with Jay Weidner, Clif High and Dr Joseph Patrick Farrell. Each of these men are giants of truth wrangling and masters of side stepping deception.